Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snowy Daze

Woke up this morning to all this white weird stuff!
Looks like global warming is on hold....

And for all you UFO hunters out there,
take a look at the picture 'My Drive'
is that a fleet of UFOs in the top left-hand corner?
I hope if the come to visit me tonight
they'll warm up their a**l probes first...


Anonymous said...


Nice pics and I liked the fibonnaci poetry, might try that at school!

I've been rubbish and not read your story yet, but I will this weekend. School has been very busy, looking forward to half term!

Love to all

Neal Asher said...

Ah, but you have to understand that cooling is proof of warming, concussion by snowball is proof that a gas torch burns and falling at 125 mph into the pavement after jumping off the Post Office tower proves that man can fly. Hey, I'm in Chester over the weekend -- how close are you. You have my email.