Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Neal Asher's 'Orbus'

I've been fortunate enough to receive a few Neal Asher books, courtesy of Chris Teague of The British Fantasy Society on the understanding that I will write reviews on each one. As one of the books was a limited edition of only 240 uncorrected proof copies of 'Orbus' his new Spatterjay novel you can imagine how pleased I was!
I was even more pleased when I started reading it and more than satisfied. much more, when I finally finished it (in almost one sitting!) as it is a great romp of a book and a must-have for any Asher fan.

A more comprehensive review should be over on the BFS site shortly but if you like nasty giant crab-like aliens, that are particularly prone to eating humans for lunch, quirky battle-drones, space battles and a SF tale with twists and turns aplenty then watch out for September 4th for that's when Orbus should be in the shops.