Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flipping Estronomicon!

After uploading a novella of mine (A Cloud Of Madness) onto the new page-flipping website Issuu, I mentioned it to Steve Upham my publisher (Screamingdreams Publishing) and he took a look and was impressed, so much so that he has uploaded his 2008 issues of Estronomicon to the site and you should see them, they look very good indeed.

I have an example here, it is his 2008 Halloween issue (which also includes a story by me). I really like this format and it is so easy to use and much kinder on the eyes.

Steve will also be uploading a number of Ebooks in this format and all new Estronomicons as they are published. Look out for his next one which is due out soon and has a stoy of mine in it entitled 'The Finiteness Of Anagrams' If you like creepy, bloody stories - this this one for you!

Time is running out for voting on The Dead Of Night Award on Steve's site too, this is a vote for the best author and artist of the year, needless to say, a vote for me as author would be appreciated :)

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