Saturday, February 28, 2009

Four Days To Zero Hour!

On March 4th 2009 Des Lewis (DF.Lewis) will be announcing who the anonymous contributors to Cone Zero are. His competition is still ongoing for whoever can guess who-wrote-what and the first prize is a nice crispy fifty quid! Can't be bad even if you just write the names and stories on pieces of paper and draw them out like a lottery. Won't cost you a thing, only an email to: COMPETITION


The authors in a random order:

Neil James Hudson

Colleen Anderson

Jeff Holland

John Grant

A.J. Kirby

Eric Schaller


S.D. Tullis

Stephen Bacon

Sean Parker

Dominy Clements

Bob Lock

Grant Wamack

David M Fitzpatrick

The story titles:

"The Fathomless World"

"The Point of Oswald Masters"

"Cone Zero" (page 23)

"Cone Zero" (page 33)

"Cone Zero, Sphere Zero"

"An Oddly Quiet Street"

"Always More Than You Know"

"Cone Zero" (page 129)

"Going Back For What Got Left Behind"

"Cone Zero" (page 147)

"The Cone Zero Ultimatum"

"Angel Zero"

"How To Kill An Hour"

"To Let"

Got to be worth a go, or don't you need fifty quid?

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