Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rescue Me! I want to see more!

Arghh! I can't stand it!

Watched the series three finale of the American Firefighter series Rescue Me the other night and it ends on such a damn cliff-hanger that I'm gagging to see what happens.

Emmy nominee Denis Leary has done some excellent writing throughout the whole series, in my opinion, and, I have to admit to never really liking the guy when he was doing stand-up comedy, but this is a whole other kettle of fish. He's not only the co-creator but also co-writer (along with Peter Tolan) and plays Tommy Gavin, a New York City firefighter who has to overcome post 9/11 depression, alchoholism, a dysfunctional family and the anguish of losing his young son to a drunk driver.

As far as storyline goes don't expect great battles where firefighters combat roaring infernos that seem impossible to overcome, oh, that does happen from time to time but the joy of this series is in the characters themselves and the mundane everyday things that goes on in the background of their lives. Each character is a little gem in a brilliantly written set of stories, makes our London's Burning look like cheap costume jewellery in comparison.

Leary has even set up The Leary Firefighters Foundation in response to a massive fire in his home town of Worcester which claimed the lives of six firefighter which included his cousin and also his best friend.


The series three finale leaves viewers holding their breath as Tommy Gavin wakes up from a drug-induced sleep (administered by Sheila who wanted to keep him home for the night) and struggles to leave the burning house only to collapse before finding the way out. We're left wondering if Tommy and Sheila survive, or they too go the way of many of their friends and former colleagues.

There are some clues on the Rescue Me website, series four is due to start in June but I imagine that means in America and not the UK, I'd guess we'll get it here sometime in the autumn or winter. So, if you don't know this program, now is the time to start watching it from series one.

Even the opening credits are a joy to watch and the opening soundtrack C'mon C'mon by Von Bondies rocks your socks off...

... did I mention I like this program?