Monday, October 06, 2014

Blog Hiatus - Writing Hiatus - Hiatus in general

Surprise surprise! I'm still here!

Was March really the last time I scribbled on this blog?  It certainly looks like. As you've probably guessed I haven't done much writing lately, not even blog writing. I'm in one of my slow periods when my muse seems to have packed her bags and gone on vacation for a few months. I hope she gets back soon because I have a stack of unfinished writing to get on with.
Well, I have written and finished some things, mostly short stories, one-liners (I sent to Newsjack but didn't have any success with) one was for example :

 Pope Francis' skull cap has reached over a hundred thousand euros on Ebay. We interviewed a group of nuns in St Peter's square who expressed a worry that it could become a habit.

Unfortunately it didn't impress them, neither did my others :(

Other news is my story 'King Edward's Mines' is out in the Knightwatch Press Anthology 'Potatoes'  and the book has received favourable blurb and two 5 star ratings so far on Amazon.

I also have a couple of poems coming out shortly in the Swansea And District Writers' Circle (the site is down at the moment so linked to their Facebook page) anthology of WW1 

Finally I have two horror short stories coming out in Tickety Boo Press's Anthology 'Malevolence' which should be released soon.

So I suppose I have been writing, it just seems that I haven't done enough. Perhaps now that winter is coming (wow that's a good phrase, perhaps I can use that in a story somehow) I'll be able to concentrate a bit more and not have the distraction of a lovely sunny day to keep me from the keyboard. Bye bye for now :)

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