Friday, February 05, 2010

SF Sonnet

Tidying up my bookshelves I found a little chapbook that I have a poem published in and that I'd forgotten about. I'd even forgotten the poem! It was interesting to discover it again, especially as I didn't have a copy on my PC (must have been on a hard-drive that blew up) so I thought I'd post it here.

It's from The 2nd Annual SFPA Poetry Contest (USA) where it was in the top 26 sonnets entered.

It's called
Orion's Lost

Are we to be known as Orion's Lost?
For upon his belt our star-ships but dream
Relics on whose shells our names are embossed
Scant reminder of Earth's last dying scream

Distant stars we sought, the last trace of Man
As our globe we'd squandered with sparse regard
For we would conquest worlds! (That was our plan)
But we have barely left our own back yard

Our foolish grasp exceeds beyond our reach
And so here we rest as if to gather breath
Whilst our engines slumber and we impeach
The fickle fates that sent us to our death

The galaxies heave a relieving sigh
With a thousand year blink, wish Man goodbye

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