Sunday, July 05, 2009

There can be only one!


Do you want to live forever?
(well, within a book at least)
Do you want your name immortalized like that of Connor MaCleod of
the clan MaCleod who was

born in the year 1518

"in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel?"

The Highlander

Well Des Lewis is offering everyone a chance. Cern Zoo, Nemonymous Nine is now out and as usual the authors in this fine anthology are anonymous (I'm one!) and every year Des holds a competition where readers are challenged to put the authors' names to the correct stories in the book. The winner of this year's competition will have his/her/its name featured in every one of the short stories in the 2010 Nemonymous edition. It might even be included in the title (this has yet to be decided)
However, here is your chance to be famous and all you have to do is enter the competition and Des doesn't even require you to buy a copy of Cern Zoo (you could borrow one from your library!) to enter, it's all free!
Just follow this link to win THE PRIZE!
and remember, there can be only one (winner)
Don't lose your head...

First review of Cern Zoo here:


Cern Zoo is a banquet. A cornucopia of flavour and texture, of many courses and layers. Just beware of the cockroaches lurking in the salad.

Order it here.

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