Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review at Sfcrowsnest of Cone Zero

Geoff Willmetts over at Sfcrowsnest (one of the biggest and best SF sites on the web) has done a great review of Cone Zero and even better than that he's picked out a few stories from the anthology which he thinks works for him and one of them is my own The Cone Zero Ultimatum. Here's the link to the review: LINK

But basically here is what he said:
'Cone Zero Ultimatum' is a future where the AIs of future household appliances seek their own freedom in something resembling 'Watership Down'. It was only towards the end that I noticed the similarity. Most of the time, though, this story speeds along with some funny dialogue and funny AIs as they seek release from oppression from their flesh owners. The ending could have been sharper but its author shows great promise.

Cool! Thanks Geoff!

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