Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Converting a short story to a script *(Meeting Amadeus)*

I have a short story, 'Meeting Amadeus' which is a little SF tale and I've toyed with the idea of converting it into a script for a play or other visual format. I've finally done it and don't know whether or not it is done correctly or even makes sense in the way that I've done it, so, take a look and see what you think! Let me know your opinions or if you think it could be done any other way.

I've uploaded it to Issuu because it is easier to convert to that format as copy and pasting the Word file into Blogger is a right pain in the bum, it won't keep the formatting correctly.
If I've done it right then you should be able to read it here or click on the link to go to the Issuu page.


Michael Clark said...

Hi, I liked the story. I thought she was going to stuck back there with him. Leaving the technology behind was a surprise. This would work better as a short film, but could be done on the stage, with a few basic special effects.

Bob Lock said...

Hi Michael.
Many thanks :)
Yep I reckon it could be done on stage with a few special effects, dry ice, projected views etc.