Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome to my blog-spot!

Hi and welcome to my blog, (I'm the one with two legs!)

I'm Bob Lock, born and bred in Wales. Married with two grown-up children and two grand-children.

As I've retired early I have managed to spend more time on my favoured hobby which is writing.

I prefer to write SF/SFF or Horror (but not gore-fest)

I've had some items published, mostly in anthologies or magazines. Quite a few things on websites such as : Story on SFcrowsnest Stories on SFFWorld My website Writers' site sponsored by The Arts Council of England (Where I currently hold 1st position in the SF Genre with this story)


I also enjoy writing poetry and some of my work can be found on: My poetry site under my pseudonym 'Celt' American writers' site where I write under my pseudonym 'Celt'

Hope you pay some of the above sites a visit and enjoy my work :)

Best wishes,



Anonymous said...

Wheres the gay porn? Ah... I'll look for noghri's blog.

Bob Lock said...

Ta Steve :)

Bob Lock said...


You reprobate, what use is gay porn to you anyway, aren't you a eunuch?

Neal Asher said...

Seems to be plenty of gay porn appearing on the TTApress message board. Bloody spammers.

Bob Lock said...

Yeah Neal,

Igster gets around...

(joking, he's a mate from World of Warcraft)

He's still a eunuch though...