Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spaced out poetry

Home thoughts from another planet
With my solitariness absolute, I witness a new dawn
Saffron fingers peel back the velvet sky, reach for me
Aloof, yet enthralled, my eyes fix on the demarcation
Where land meets void and, on this world, another day begins

Below my promontory a plain of dust shimmers in anticipation
As the planet’s star chases darkness to temporary extinction
Beneath its effulgence the plain now dances, transforms to ocean
Mirrors the mercurial surface of my protective visor

Radiation far beyond the tolerances life can support
Screams down upon a world laid bare beneath its breath
And I shiver within my suit as mistrals play across a silver sea
Haunting reminders of shoaling fish in cool, coastal waters

Loneliness rises up in me like an angry serpent, my calm, betrayed
And as I turn my back on the vicious orb and its wrath
A last necklace of stars on the far horizon wink a final goodbye
And I search for Sol and the blue-green gem of Earth

Knowing within my heart and soul mere eyes will not find them
I cast them down and walk towards my only hope of salvation
A small white vessel within whose aegis will reside my life
Twenty minutes to count-down and a return voyage…home
Bob Lock


Rhys Hughes said...

Hello there!

Bob Lock said...

Hey hey Rhys :)