Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Man Of Many Parts


I've been on a roll lately with stories I've sent into the avant-garde magazine that is Sein und Werden run by the lovely Rachel Kendall as I've had three or four accepted, the latest being for her Exquisite Corpse Anthology. There are over forty short stories in the anthology all written around the exquisite corpse subject and my one is called 'A Man Of Many Parts' and is a SF/Horror/Weird tale that can be read here: STORY
If you get time please give it a read and let me know what you think :)

In other news. The novella I was writing and trying to keep to about 30,000 words or so has now grown to a massive 69,500 words and has become a novel. I'm still writing it and I guess there's about another 10,000 words to go. Because I've wanted to get this done and dusted I've put the sequel to 'Flames' on the back burner again but that has grown to 75,000 words plus and once I get back on it I can see the end arriving fairly quickly. I've also written notes for another two stories but don't know yet what sort of size they'll be, whether novella size or novel but both are science fiction.

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