Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just a little update.

Well I finally finished my SF/Vampire novella 'Chase The Night' that grew from 40,000 words to 61,000 which probably makes it a small novel more than a novella. A copy has been sent to an indie-publisher who has taken an interest in it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but if you are a publisher reading this and want a copy then drop me a line.

Other news, just received my contributor's copies of Sein and Werden's Winter Issue with my story 'Waitering for Godot' in it. This edition was edited by that rapscallion Rhys Hughes who has Spoons For Ears. So I've been published twice in S&W and have decided to go for the hat-trick and wrote and subbed a story for Rachel's Exquisite Corpse edition which is due out in the spring.

I've been pretty busy the last month or two and have subbed about another four short stories to various anthologies so I'm going to need more fingers crossed than I possess,you'll have to help out so get crossing!

The other thing I've been doing is re-reading and editing 'They Made Monsters' the sequel to 'Flames' as it's been a while since I concentrated on it and I needed to remember where I was and what I had in mind! Anyway, I've begun writing the next part of it and at the moment I've got 74,500 words done and I'm very pleased with the result so far. I'm hoping to have this finished and published this summer. Watch this space :)

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