Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'I'm late! I'm late!' said the White Rabbit.


I recently sent off one of my short stories to Toynbee Studios London who were looking for Dark Fairytales for their 'Are You Sitting Comfortably' evening of performances Friday evening 30th November. The stories will be performed by White Rabbit
who are described as being: 'A unique story-telling cabaret event' and who have toured to many spectacular venues in the UK including National Theatre, Thames Festival, Diamond Jubilee Pageant, Toynbee Studios, Wandsworth Arts Festival, Islington WORD2012 Festival, The Basement and Jackson's Lane.
Anyway, my story 'Dawn's Kiss' was accepted for performing and I was invited to London for the performance (a condition within the brief) however, as some of you may know, my damn kidney is playing up again and I'm not really fit enough to travel all the way to London from Swansea, especially if I end up in agony and ultimately in A&E like the last two times! Therefore, unfortunately the story couldn't be used for the evening performance. But there is an up side to this and that is White Rabbit enjoyed the story so asked to make it into a podcast and will be featuring it on their site and on Itunes once the performance in Toynbee is done, 12pm 30th November.
Here's a link to where it will be available: Podcast
And the Itunes page: Itunes download

Artsadmin site

 News from the burrow (White Rabbit site)

Remember, these link won't be live until 12pm 30th November 2012. I hope you enjoy my story :)

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