Thursday, September 06, 2012

Free book!

With all the brouhaha (I like that word) lately over sock-puppetry (that word is growing on me) and the fact that I don't get many reviews *sobs* and that I'm short on socks at the moment, so can't make a puppet, I've decided to make one of my e-books free. However, I'd really be obliged if you do download it and read it you leave a little review (it doesn't even have to be a good one, but if you do dislike anything please say why, it's the only way I can see if and where I'm going wrong)
At the moment I can only get the Smashwords version set to free but hopefully I can also get the Amazon one free too shortly.
The e-book is called 'They Feed On Flesh' and is a series of inter-linked zombie stories that spread from present day and into the far future. The zombie apocalypse is just around the corner so be prepared, and if you go looking around that corner and get your face bitten off then don't say I didn't warn you... :P

Free Edition of 'They Feed On Flesh'

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