Monday, December 14, 2009

Oink oink

Just a quick update on why I haven't been blogging or on message boards for a week. I've got the pigging 'Swine Flu' and it has really knocked me for six. Temperature, short of breath, cough that won't shift, crackling lungs, headache, aching muscles and bones, even what hair I have on my head aches. My moustache, which I've worn for nearly forty years, succumbed to it and in a fit of anger I shaved it off as it aggravated me so.

I'm going back to my sty now but hope to be cured shortly once the 500x3 of Amoxicillin daily takes hold and saves my bacon. (A prize for those who spot all the puns)

Oink Oink



Angel said...

Take care, Bob, and I hope you feel better soon! I had that damn bug earlier this year, and it was awful. I know how you feel. Hang in there! Mine took a whole week to work itself out. You've got to be coming to the end of it about now.


Bob Lock said...

Thanks Angel! I'm getting through it now but it did turn to pneumonia and I had to go on a course of even stronger antibiotics.
As long as it goes by Christmas day I don't mind.