Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Boldy Went To The Cinema!

Last night I bit the bullet and forked out to see 'Star Trek' in The Vue in Swansea. Between us (myself, wife and brother-in-law) we spent about £30 for a couple of hours sitting in the luxury seats drinking a couple of Cokes and eating sweets, but I have to say, I'm glad I went to the cinema to see it.
The large screen and great sound set-up is what this film needs, the scenery and effects would probably be lost on anything other than a big screen.
The storyline was very well done and I won't go into details as I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises for those who haven't seen the film but will just say this, it has opened a whole new future for the ST franchise and I could easily see this film spawning yet more films or even a new series.
I thought Chris Pine did a fine job portraying the young James T. Kirk but I would have liked to have seen him mimic Shatner's weird phrasing of sentences just once or twice. Someone who did seem to capture his previous character well was Karl Urban who played 'Bones', even managing to get in a 'I'm a doctor not a...'

I was disappointed with John Cho who played Sulu and Anton Yelchin who played Chekov and thought Simon Pegg could have done better with his attempt at being Montgomery Scott.

However, hats off to Zachary Quinto who played the young Spock, he was excellent and for me was the one who not only resembled his character the best but was what I imagined a young Spock to look like and also captured his characteristics the best. I did think I wouldn't be able to get Silar from Heroes out of my mind but within a minute or two Quinto had me convinced he really was the young Spock.

Zoe Saldana played Uhura and yet again I didn't think she captured the essence of the part but I did enjoy her performance all the same and considering the way the story goes thought that in the end she made the part her own.

Leonard Nimoy made a guest appearance and when I saw him amongst the young and vibrant new cast it just made me realise how long Star Trek has been around and how time waits for no man or Vulcan...


Morva Shepley said...

Yes, given how bad previous ST films have been, I was a bit wary about going to this one, too. I agree that Zachary Quinto did a good job as Spock. It might spoil Silar for me.

The young Chekov's accent was a bit thick, but I loved the way he turned out to be billiant. Unfortunately, Scotty turned out to be brilliant in a similar sphere, so I don't know where Chekov's character is going to go.

I loved Scotty's accent.

Uhura could have been stronger, I felt. This one seemed a little bland, and there wasn't the sense that she was aware of her power and knew how to use it.

Yes, there were some dumb bits in it, but no more, probably, than the anime stories I enjoy.


Bob Lock said...

Hi Morva,
Thanks for the visit :)

Chris said...

I loved the little in-jokes in the film - especially Kirk in bed with a green alien!

Excellent film; can't wait for the sequel.