Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Screaming Dreams & Steve Upham News

Steve Upham the editor and publisher of Screamingdreams (and also my friend) has been taken ill and was rushed into hospital on Monday. He hasn't been well for a while and when I saw him at the Academi event in Pontypridd I was surprised by how drawn and ill he looked but he's not one to complain much and he just soldiered on. However, Monday was the last straw for his ailing body and he ended up in intensive care with suspected damage to the heart muscle through a virus that he hadn't been able to shake off. I spoke to his Dad today and was told that they are hoping to move Steve to The Heath in Cardiff once they are satisfied he is stable enough.
For the moment Allyson (Ally) Bird has stepped into the breach and is carrying on with Screamingdreams business until Steve is back on his feet she is having help from Paul Campbell. Ally's book 'Bull Running For Girls' is a SD publication and will still be released at FantasyCon where she is hoping to run the SD table in the dealer's room. She's also having a mini-event in her home town in October and will be touring local libraries. Ramsey Campbell said about her Shadow upon Shadow story 'A Dark Tale Indeed!'

Have a good launch Ally!

Get Well Soon Steve!

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Anonymous said...

Same sentiments from me, too; Steve needs to forget about books for a little while and just concentrate on bouncing back!