Thursday, March 08, 2007

First book has arrived!

The first copy of ' Flames of Herakleitos' burst through my letter box and set fire to my hall today and I can't say enough good things about how the finished product looks. I'd heard that the printers, Diggory Press, had a good reputation for delivering the goods on time and for the quality of their work but I was pleasantly surprised to find it better than my expectations.

Here I am doing a 'look at me I'm an author pose and I also eat spectacles'
(I won't post the photo of me holding the book upside down...)
Diggory's site says the book will be available from them this Saturday 10th March for the rrp of £9.99 and P&P within Europe of £1.99 I'm not sure if it will also be available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble etc on the same date, but it should be in the near future. I also think Steve Upham will be selling copies from his Screamingdreams site too. If you go to your local bricks and mortar bookshop and quote the ISBN 978-0-955518515 they'll be able to get you a copy too.

UPDATE: Amazon has it listed here


Chris said...

Have you seen this man? He is wanted by South Wales police - members of the public have been asked not too approach him, he may sell you a book. :-)

Bob Lock said...

Chris, you blabbermouth! Now the cops have moved me on from outside the Quadrant and given the pitch back to The Big Issue guy, and I was doing so well...

Chris said...

... public duty, Bob. :-)

Got my hands on a copy courtesy of Steve today: very nice it looks too, have to say; Mr Asher's quote should help sell it, and I shall look forward to dipping my reading toes into it very soon.

Looking forward to the launch.

Neal Asher said...

Nice one Bob. There's nothing quite like that first glossy cover. btw, if you have an ISBN, remember to register for PLR.