Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Lost Room

Well had a nice surprise tonight watching The Lost Room. It went out on Sky One and I quite enjoyed it. It looks as if there will be a conclusion too as there are only 3 episodes, which is refreshing. I could never get into Lost and glad that I didn't, too many damn episodes and still no-where near what it's all about... or so I've been told.

Anyway back to The Lost Room, written or created by Christopher Leone - Laura Harkcom - Paul Workman - don't know of any of them but I'll certainly be watching the next two episodes, great entertainment.

Spoiler follows:

Joe Miller a detective is searching for Objects to use as tools in rescuing his daughter, Anna, who disappeared inside the Room. These Objects have magical, some say miraculous qualities. The key to the room, for example, it will open any hinged door with a yale-type lock anywhere in the world, turning the door into a portal accessing the room nevermind where that door would open normally. Then when you leave the room, it opens not to where you originally entered from but to any door that the holder of the key has in mind, or to a random door if the user doesn't focus.

This is just one of the Objects shown tonight, others are a pen that can microwave anyone it touches, a nailfile that makes you drop off to sleep and a bus ticket that teleports you to a highway miles away from your original position. Heady stuff and extremely well done, can't wait for the rest!

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