Saturday, September 16, 2006

Book Launch at Dylan Thomas Centre

Last night (Friday 15th Sept) I attended the book launch of Rhys Hughes's

- At the Molehills of Madness -

Rhys is a prolific writer of surreal, dark fiction and has an ambition to write 1,000 stories in his lifetime. I think he's around the 400 mark at the moment.

Attending the launch, at The Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea, were a number of writers, Steve Redwood, Mike O'Driscoll, Rhys Hughes, just to mention a few.
Rhys gave us a reading of one of his short stories with the help of a few glasses of red wine and managed not to not fall off the stage and stayed coherent for most of the time :)

Music was provided by The Frictionlessman and another reading was done by Mike O'Driscoll who craftily finished the story before the ending so we would have to buy his book!

I have the pleasure of being in two anthologies with Mike, Cold Cuts 1 and Cold Cuts 2.

Chris Teague the editor and publisher from Pendragonpress was also in attendance.

From the left: Chris Teague - Rhys Hughes - Anna Lock (my wife) - Bob Lock - Steve Redwood

All in all, a good book evening. I was amazed how far Rhys managed to launch his book with his homemade mangonel, hehe...

Here he is after the first 20 glasses of wine kicked in:-

PS: For those of you following the thread from the TTA forum, sorry the nude photos of him didn't come out, they were under-exposed... I said he drank a lot of wine, didn't I?


Chris said...

Call me a publisher? I'm so scruffy... :)

Bob Lock said...

I thought you said it was the new 'grunge'look? :)

It's either that or you're paying your writers too much...

Chris said...

... nearly choked there Bob, it's rude to mention money to a publisher. ;-)