Thursday, October 06, 2011

They Feed On Flesh - Zombie Stories on Kindle

A couple of years ago I entered Nanowrimo the National Novel Writing Month just to see if I could discipline myself to write something under pressure and within a time limit. I surprised myself by actually completing a novel within the allotted time. I called it They Feed On Flesh and it is a series of zombie stories which start with an explanation of how the zombie plague started and the best way to survive it. Then the stories go on to individual accounts of various survivors and how they cope (or not) and finally end up in the far future when the plague begins to spread through the solar system and even through time itself. The original series has been expanded slightly and one of the stories was published in Holiday of the Dead which contains stories by big guns such as John Russo and Tony Burgess. As I've been converting some of my stuff to Kindle format I thought I'd do the same with this novella and so, today, it's gone 'live' <-- play on words :)
It's on Amazon UK and Amazon. Com but on Amazon Com you can 'click to look inside' and read a chapter or two directly on their site, or you can download a sample from either place to your Kindle/phone/PC for free to see whether or not it's worth the couple of quid to download.

Here are the links:

Amazon UK
Amazon Com

Ok, everyone say 'Uuuuunnnngg...' and drag your leg/stumble/crawl/totter your way over and give it a free look!


horror stories said...

It must have been pretty tough to write so fast.

Bob Lock said...

Hi horror stories,
It certainly was!
I don't see myself doing it again, too stressful for a slow writer like me :)