Thursday, February 08, 2007

Youwriteon Book Of The Year Announced!

The first Youwriteon Book Of The Year has been announced and my hearty congratulations goes to UK's Guy Saville for his story, The Africa Reich. Second place went to Patricia J. Delois and third to Michael Alan. YWO also decided to make a children's book award and first place for that went to, H.J.Windsor, second place to S.Star and third to Bob Burke, congrats to everyone listed and good luck with placing your stories.
Flames of Herakleitos was in contention but once agreements were made with Steve Upham of Screamingdreams that the book would be published by him it had to be withdrawn.

YWO has proven to be a great help to all budding novelists. Feedback from the writers who contribute has been outstanding and, in my case, a great help in smoothing out kinks in the plot, grammatical errors etc. The site boasts a hell of a lot of hits per month which demonstrates its popularity and best of all, IT'S ALL FREE! so get over there now and take a look!

There is some blurb on the BBC page too and here's a link:


Neal Asher said...

Hello Bob,
I've finally gotten round to sending them some comments about this and that, which I hope will be of help.

Bob Lock said...

Hiyahs Neal,

Thanks, will look forward to reading that. Good to see Book Of The Year went to a UK author and from what I can see it's an alternative view on the outcome of WW2, so has a SF flavour to it too.