Sunday, September 03, 2006

My review of Prador Moon now on Sfcrowsnest

Neal Asher kindly did a Q&A with me on his book 'Prador Moon' which resulted in my review and the interview being published in September's issue of Sfcrowsnest (one of the biggest and best SF/SFF sites on the web) His book is definitely worth a read and if you'd like a little more information on it then follow this link:

Bob Lock's review of Prador Moon by Neal Asher


Anonymous said...

Nice interview Bob, I imagine it was a little 'short' due to time constraints and all that. But it definitely makes me want to pick up a copy. In fact I like the fact that it is only 222 pages, since I have not yet read any Asher material, this might be the perfect place to jump in? Speaking of Asher, I hear that Nightshade Books is going to close down their forum section due to many authors having their own blogs/forums and what not. Although not a frequent traveler there, I have friends that are must bummed out about that. Nice blog though, I plan on searching much more into it.

Bob Lock said...

Def worth reading omninaif, it is a stand-alone-story but Neal's Polity World stories start with Gridlinked, so perhaps I would start with that one, but it's a longer read than Prador Moon.