Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Dam Across The Stars

I've just uploaded the first 10,000 words of my new SF tale which is called The Dam Across The Stars to the Youwriteon website.

It is a 'hard' SF story which deals with the discovery that Humankind has a limit to where it can go in the universe, and that limit is not due to the fact that we are not capable of reaching across vast distances. The thing that restricts Humankind is the discovery of an impenetrable barrier found on the extreme edge of our galaxy. We are totally enclosed from the rest of space. Commonly known as The Dam Across The Stars, its purpose is constantly debated. Is it there to keep Humankind safe from something lurking beyond its boundary?

Or, simply a cage to keep Humankind in?

Religions, cults and fanatical factions soon spring up and whole fleets of ships begin exploring the strange obstacle, for whoever finds the doorway through the dam, if there be such a thing, will potentially control it.

Casper Tuttle is a new breed of human, genetically grown to withstand the prolonged time needed to patrol the dam, he and others of his kind are given the remit of protecting it from the vast numbers that now risk life and limb to find the doorway.

Casper, killed once already whilst on duty, returns to the dam with the damaged persona of his closest friend uploaded into his Ship's computer. There they begin to unravel some of the edifice's secrets and find that someone else is also on the same path. Who will arrive at the fabled doorway first, and what will they find if it is ever opened?

If you'd like to read more then visit Youwriteon website.

Should you do so I'd appreciate any feedback :)

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