Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An elf and a vampire walk into a bar...

Just a quick script:

‘So, you’re an elf?’

‘Yes, Elvin’s the name, and you?’


‘Foreign are you?’

‘Not in the country I was born in.’

‘But here you are. You don’t look like an elf. Really tall and your skin, it’s so white. You an albino?’

‘No, not an albino but I suppose my skin is rather white. ’

‘So, what’s up?’

‘Out for a drink. You? What’s a plump little elf doing out alone?’

‘Just up to mischief, usual stuff. What sort of drink are you after?’

‘Oh, a short seems preferable.’

‘I don’t drink spirits.’

‘Neither do I.’

‘But you just said...’

‘I know.’

‘... am I really plump?’


‘Perhaps I need to slim down.’

‘I can help with that.’

‘Oh? How?’

‘Let me see your neck...’

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