Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Guardian Poetry Anthology

The Guardian has decided to publish an anthology of poems chosen from a number sent into them by readers over the last year or so. Billy Mills, who instigated Poster Poems on The Guardian site, and Sarah Crown who is the editor of Books are the motivating forces behind this venture. Sarah also reviews poetry regularly for the Guardian Review. Anyway, I've always enjoyed sending in some of my poetry to this particular venue, and low and behold, two of my poems have been chosen to go into the new book!
The first is called 'Home thoughts from another planet.' and, as you can probably guess is a SF-based poem! Woohoo! The other is called 'Celsius reaches double figures' and is about spring and the promise of summer (that's the couple of days a year we get when a big yellow thing appears in the sky!)


Chris said...

Superb news, Bob!

Bob Lock said...

Thanks Chris, nice to see you :)