Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've been following Neal Asher's blog and taking a look at a few bookcases that his bloggers have uploaded to their sites. All of them have an Asher tome or two somewhere upon the shelves and many of them have other authors that I read too. So I thought I'd tidy my bookcase up a little and take a snap. This is how it looks at the moment, it changes regularly as I have to cull some of my collection from time to time, these modern houses just don't have the room!


Neal Asher said...

Love it - I'll have to stick a link in my last post!

Martin Sommerfeld said...


The edition of The stars my destination looks cool and old.

Bob Lock said...

Hi Martin,
Yeah it's a 70s Illustrated version done by the American artist Howard Chaykin, contains some stunning graphics to complement one of the first SF stories I ever read, brilliant tale.

Afront said...

Just realized Michael Marshall Smith has come back into the fold - I read everything he wrote up until The Straw Man then stopped there.