Sunday, November 23, 2008

Neal Asher Winner

I've entered a number of free prize draws on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist Blog but never came close to winning, until now!

Pat was putting up a number of Neal Asher's 'The Gabble' (a collection of short stories) for four lucky people to win and I was one of them. It was a pleasant surprise receiving a jiffy bag from Panmacmillan yesterday especially as I am a fan of Neal's and have enjoyed every one of his books that I've read. If you are into great space opera with huge battle scenes, intricate plotting, mad battle-droids with all too human-like foibles then grab yourself one of his books.

Many thanks to Pat, Panmacmillan and of course Neal. Now time to get reading!


Neal Asher said...

Nice one Bob -- glad you got it. And pleased to see that collection of books behind you!

Live for films said...

Congrats Bob. Always nice to win something and Neal's books are always cool