Sunday, October 05, 2008

Musical Interlude

Well, I've posted stories, poems, anecdotes, dubious art! Check out my 'Wet jumper on a rainy day' below and decide if it fits into the last category! Anyway, here now for your delectation is some music.

I was listening to Radio 2's Ken Bruce Show whilst in the car on Friday and just caught
Justin Hayward's last 'Tracks of my years' which was - Alone again, or... I was surprised that he picked one of his group's - The Moody Blues - songs but listened and enjoyed it. So today I thought I'd scout around the net and find it and listen again... yeah and before you all say that isn't a Moody Blues' song, yes, you are right. He was referring to Love's Alone again.
A trawl of the net found me this excellent video of Arthur Lee performing the piece live in 2002, I think. The songwriter is Bryan Maclean 1946-1998 and I can't help but see the similarities in style with this song and what The Moody Blues did, it could easily be one of theirs, little wonder Justin has a soft spot for it.

Anyway, here is Arthur Lee 1945 - 2006 if you have a few minutes and my embedded link has worked then you should see and hear Lee perform it in all its glory. Enjoy!

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