Thursday, April 17, 2008


Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy/sf/speculative fiction and usually borrows elements from say the Victorian era and gives it a twist. One of my favourite steampunk writers is China MiƩville
He sets his stories in a fantasy world that uses both clockwork and steam-powered technology and I'd recommend starting with his 2001 Arthur C Clarke winning novel Perdido Street Station.
Anyway. imagine my happiness when reading Jeff Vandermeer's Blog I came across his challenge to have the latest Steampunk Anthology which he and his wife Ann had edited to be photographed in a suitable steampunk place. I immediately thought of Swansea's Industrial Museum where there are displays of steam-powered paraphernalia which once made Swansea become nicknamed 'Copperopolis' as it was the world's largest copper producer during the 1800s

I duly suggested this and low and behold I won an advance copy of the book which is now winging its way over the Atlantic to me on the proviso that I have it photographed in said museum... woo hoo!

My brother-in-law, Tony Harwood is a keen modeller and has scratch-built numerous steampunk models and his site is definitely worth taking a look at.

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Anonymous said...

Finally found your blog! Liked the story below. SHould finish my book this week so I'll be either starting on Bone Song or The Blade Itself. Which first?!

Love holx