Sunday, January 27, 2008

Preditors and Editors Result, a thank you and some other news

Well I'll start with the good news because all the rest is bad. The results of The Preditors and Editors Poll is through and Flames of Herakleitos was voted up to seventh position and for that I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote for it, I really appreciate you taking the trouble. I can now add this graphic to my blog as being in the top ten :)
Ahh... now the bad news, my mother-in-law, a lovely quiet, unassuming Italian lady lies gravely ill in Singleton Hospital. She has terminal cancer and is going through a terrible time. It is so sad and painful to see her the way she is, but we are unable to do anything for her other than stay by her bedside and hold her hand.
But that's not all, our daughter (who just had a lovely baby boy, Raphael) is in hospital too with liver problems. Twice they have attempted to drain the liver which is enlarged and infected but failed. However, today they did manage to go in through her side and fit a tube and the liver is being drained, but she is in extreme pain even though sedated and on various pain-killers, including morphine. My blog might not be updated for a while as we have our little baby grandson staying with us and all our time is spent with him or in the hospitals.

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Chris said...

My thoughts are with you, Bob, and fingers crossed that everything works out fine.

Cancer... you only have to mention the word. :(