Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fiction-Online Ezine (Story of mine there)

Stuart Tracey the editor of the webzine FICTION ONLINE has published a SF short of mine 'Do We Not Bleed?' in their September issue #4 and the download of the whole magazine can be found here : download and it's free! It is a PDF file so you'll need a reader like Adobe. This issue is a fat 29 pages long and has other shorts from : Sarah Hughes - Gareth L Powell - Andrew Knighton. It also has book and game reviews. Stuart is still open to submissions so if you have something you think would catch his eye go take a look at his site.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where Do We Not Bleed was going but the end realy drew me in. Enjoyable. I'll be checking out the book - sounds good.

Bob Lock said...

Hey Neil,
Nice to see another Welshman here :)
Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed it.

GLP said...

Hi Bob. I enjoyed your story. A pleasure to share a TOC with you.

Bob Lock said...

Hiyahs Gareth!
Thanks for the comment, was great to see you were a co-writer in this issue. I enjoyed 'A Necklace Of Ivy' too. Now if only I could write something good enough to join you on Interzone!