Friday, June 08, 2007

Terry Pratchett comes to Swansea

Ok, perhaps a bit misleading, Terry himself isn't coming but one of his books is being brought to life on the stage of The Dylan Thomas Theatre between June 12th and June 16th, performances start at 7.30pm and tickets are £7 each (I think there are concessions though)
The play being performed is The Truth which is Terry's 25th novel and deals with the first Disc World Newspaper.
Brian Willis (Hideous Progeny, Scorpion etc) is playing the part of Mr.Pin one of the psycho hit men and if the play is anything like the last Disc World one I saw at this venue then the audience is in for a good time.

Adapted by Stephen Briggs

Directed by Lianne Halliday

Hopefully I'll be attending the Friday evening performance and going for a pint afterwards in the pub across the road.


Chris said...

You're just going for the pint really, Bob, aren't you?

Neal Asher said...

I remember Terry Pratchett coming to a signing in Chelmsford - queues all the way down the high street. I queued to get a book signed and in return gave him a copy of The Engineer as a thank you. I wonder if he ever read it?

Bob Lock said...

You suggesting I'm a drunk? *hic*

Saw that copy on Ebay, he wanted £1000 for it, as if the guy needed the cash.... sheesh :P

PS, Booked my tickets, will be there Friday night.