Sunday, July 30, 2006

Found an old Spectrum Adventure I wrote, still online!

Imagine my surprise to find an old Spectrum game that I wrote in 1985 still available on the internet!
It's called Rogue Comet and was the second of three graphic adventures I wrote for the Spectrum and the C64. Comet was also available through Micronet800 (Prestel) anyone remember that? The UK for-runner of the internet.

A few years after releasing my game Spielberg came up with a game called The Dig, which involved a space shuttle landing on a rogue asteroid with the intention of blowing it up before it collided with Earth. However, upon landing on it they find it is actually hollow and is in fact a space-ship... hmm... now where did I hear that before?

If you are bored out of your skull and fancy a go then the game is here, run through an emulator. Your java needs to be working for it though:

Click Here For Rogue Comet


Chris said...

Speecy coders don't die, they're just resting... I don't remember that game, but "wrote" a few adventures in my youth - never released and all lost, but I do remember "Krakatoa" which I was quite fond of, since it had a loading screen too! :)

Bob Lock said...

Hiyahs Chris,

I don't remember Krakatoa but did enjoy playing one called Snowball (I think it was that), was a SF based text adventure.


Chris said...

None of my adventures were released... purely for my own "enjoyment".

Ah, those were the days..

Anonymous said...


Stupid red button!

Whuddya thunk it!